TheSpaceVta has become a Home away from home. I first connected with Sam in 2017, when we were seeking an indoor space to bring Ventura Pop Up Yoga indoors for the winter months.

She opened her doors for us and began to create a vision for a community gathering space.

As I continue to grow my business I’ve begun envisioning new ways I can utilize the versatility of TheSpaceVta.
My monthly Into the Wild Sisterhood events have now found a home to gather in.

Sam is incredible to work with. I always feel supported when I bring new ideas to her as she finds so much joy in watching others grow their own businesses in this creative venue.

-Jessy Raspiller
Ventura Pop Up Yoga/Venture Well Yoga
I am incredibly grateful to know Sam and to have hosted yoga events with her in 2018 at TheSpaceVta.

Sam is a powerhouse, who goes above and beyond to ensure that each event goes as smoothly as possible. When I wanted to add video projections to our funky-themed yoga events, Sam helped me black-out the windows and provided the curtains out of her own pocket. She was also just as excited as I was for all the events we hosted. She’s like having a best friend who truly supports your art, just happens to own a little space, and wants you to succeed. You don’t find that type of kindness anymore.

This place is so perfect for up and coming artists of all mediums, because there is truly nothing like it; a clean canvas space like this, with an amazing woman behind it, is a dream come true.

Thank you for everything, Sam!
You’re a gem.

-Sara Galdjie
Sam has been one of the most amazing supports as I have grown in my work as a Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner.

The versatility of TheSpaceVta has allowed me to imagine a wide variety of offerings for people of all ages.

Being that I love to work with families and children, making sure a space is flexible is incredibly important and TheSpaceVta allows for a flexibility that makes participants of all ages feel welcome and comfortable.

Sam is a treasure for our community and an incredible resource for teachers, practitioners, artists etc. who are looking to build their community and their offerings in a place that feels connected, inviting and incredibly supportive.

-Lauren Snyder
TheSpaceVta is it’s own form of expression wellness and overall being that can rarely be found indoors.

Samantha has created an environment that can be shared and enjoyed by all walks of life.

For me as an artist TheSpaceVta has helped me get to levels so much faster than I could have on my own.

The sense of community and positive flow is refreshing. It makes me smile knowing that there are people in this world that truly want more for others and are willing to take the first steps forward enlightening the world with an attitude of oneness.

Ever so grateful. Thank you Samantha for all that you do.

-Alex Waites
In the past few months, since being introduced to TheSpaceVTA, I have been a part of many events that have enhanced my idea of what “community” in Ventura really means.

There are so many opportunities here at TheSpaceVTA ranging from holistic health seminars, yoga classes, to art markets. I was lucky enough to help Samantha put on the first Art Market just this last December. It brought together multiple artists not only from Ventura but from across the entire county. A few of the artists were colleagues of mine from CSUCI and they got the chance to meet and network with lots of local artists. TheSpaceVTA also had the space and resources to host the event and accommodate all of the people who participated.

Another event that I have found extremely useful is the Wise Woman’s Circle held by Jessy. It has become a monthly ritual for joining in with like minded females from around our town.

The events and the community here at TheSpaceVTA have actually now inspired me to put on an event of my own; a weekly meditation and discussion on Wednesday nights at 6pm. Samantha has always been extremely accommodating and supportive to anyone who wants to be a part of this community and I am so happy to have found it!

- Natalie Gula