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Kundalini Chakra Yoga *Donation Based Yoga Class*

  • TheSpaceVta 1779 East Main Street Ventura United States (map)

TheSpaceVta Kundalini Chakra Yoga Donation Based Yoga Class

The “Yoga is Awareness” balances the 7 energy vortices of our bodies known as chakras. This yoga will recalibrate the endocrine, nervous, and digestive systems to name a few. Encompassing asanas (poses), mantras (chanting), mudras (hand positions), pranayama (breathing techniques), and sound healing during savasana (relaxation), this powerful and ancient technology is certainly special and worth practicing. This form of yoga is the fastest working and most transformational. Hope to see you in class, Sat Nam! (Truth and Identity)

Instructor Bio:
Deg Sita Kaur (Rachel SantaOlalla) has been practicing various forms of yoga for 10 years. She has been practicing Kundalini for 2 years and can attest to how transformative it is. With a background and environmental design, she is a creator of space both physically and energetically. As a long time athlete and avid volleyball player she enjoys focusing on intuition and synchronizing with flow. Being a natural born teacher she enjoys coaching volleyball and teaching Kundalini yoga. You will feel that her class is welcoming, and fun! She’s excited to teach.

All donations are accepted on location by instructor, before or after class.

Thank you