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Wise Women's Council * March 2019

  • TheSpaceVta 1779 East Main Street Ventura, CA 93001 USA (map)

In this Wise Women's circle we connect with each other to open up a space of possibility and new beginnings to honor the Wise Woman within and declare our commitment to the transformation of the planet. We come together in these challenging times as a strong community, ready to tackle new growth spurts and build a solid anchor of wisdom and maturity, a healing vortex where seeds of love, compassion and collaboration are planted.

Inspired by Native American elders’ councils, these circles are designed for women who are seeking to reinvent their lives and are looking for physical, emotional and spiritual support to take a leap of faith towards new beginnings

This March gathering, so close to the Spring Equinox, encourages to ponder on the meaning of the rebirth of life. Is it possible to reinvent our lives as Wise Women? What does it take? What feelings a relaunch of this sort elicit in us? How do we manage our fear of the unknown? As we share our secrets vulnerably in a safe environment, we receive the support that we need to stand in our power and magnificence.

Please join us for a spirited, supportive council.

Pre-registration $20, $25 at the door


Dr. Sirena Pellarolo, your Midlife Midwife, is a board certified Holistic Health Coach and spiritual counselor, international best selling author and speaker, radio host and blogger. She has over 35 years experience researching women’s empowerment, mentoring thousands of students and clients, and facilitating women’s circles. Sirena believes in a holistic approach to guide women navigate career and life transitions successfully drawing from her extensive training and experience in the body, mind and spirit connection. Her own midlife re-launch from College Professor to Midlife Reinvention Coach models for her clients how to courageously rebirth themselves at midlife by unleashing their unique personal power, creative self-expression and hands-on genius.

Sirena’s mission is to start a movement of Wise Women on Fire to midwife a more loving, egalitarian and cooperative way of being on this Planet. Towards this end she has facilitated Wise Women’s Circles for decades, based on the Native American Elders’ Councils format. She has been following the Red Road of Indigenous spirituality for over a decade.

Dr. Pellarolo is Professor Emerita of Spanish and Latin American Cultural Studies from California State University, Northridge. She has authored and published numerous articles and two books on Latin American performance and gender studies, globalization and new social movements, focusing primarily on women’s empowerment. She is co-author--among others--, of Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause (2015) and Journeys of Discovery, from the series Divas That Care. Her forthcoming Recover Your Juiciness: A DIY Guide for an Empowered and Healthy Midlife will be out in Summer 2019. She is currently working on a manuscript titled Post-Midlife Renewal: A Manual to Thrive in the Wisdom Years.