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Belly Dance with Reiki Drum

  • TheSpaceVta 1779 East Main Street Ventura United States (map)

TheSpaceVta presents Yomoko Wynn

$15.00 Suggested Donation

Join Yomoko Wynn is exploring the holistic and sensual movement of Belly Dance. Learn specific TheSpaceVta presents Tomoko Wynn Belly Dance & Reiki Drum
Suggested Donation: $15.00
Release your sexuality! Release your creativity!
This is a 2 for 1 event! First you’ll learn sexy Belly Dance movements. The do's and don’ts, so that you can dance safely. 
Then, It's time for you to explore yourself dancing with Reiki charged Buffalo Drum. 
Don't worry! It's not about dancing well. It's not about good or bad! It doesn't matter even if your dance is not like Belly Dance. The most important thing is to enjoy moving freely, let your movement flow along the drumming sound and explore yourself! Circler movement like chest circle or hip circle activate Chakras, too!

Come in your comfortable clothes! Its not recommend tennis shoes or gym shoes with thick soles. Some people dance bare feet or with socks. Bring a hip scarf, if you wish! Some will be available as well!