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Embodied Dance Journey with Teresa Cisneros

  • TheSpaceVta 1779 East Main Street Ventura, California 93001 USA (map)

Embodied Dance Journey: 

This journey guided women through the archetypes of the female. Exploring more pleasure and welcoming any sensations are are present through specific techniques, partner and solo exercises. This journey encourages women to act as embodied beings linking their internal authentic expression with the external (physical) world. It is a space to feel in community and trust with other women as a way to heal to ancient wounds of competitiveness and separation. You are invited to tune into your body wisdom by expanding the capacity to express through movement. 

Donation Based Event. Reserve your spot by claiming a ticket here! This ticket is an RSVP, donations for event will be taken at door. Thank you!

Teresa Cisneros Bio:

Hello my name is Teresa, I’ve been a dancer and played sports since very young and have found movement to be the most effective way to reach a sense of liberation and easiest way to get out of my mind and into my body and spirit. I’ve recently traveled to Bali, Indonesia where I did my first yoga teacher training with Sattva Bali yoga and trained with Mana Mei Embodied Dance. This journey activated me on a whole other level of depth, I am now forever changed because now I too know how it feels to live in trust, to live in love. I am in the process to embody and open hearted leadership that can create a field for other humans to blossom! 

Embodied Dance Feedback:

“My favorite part was when one of the women held me, which made me feel super safe” -Melissa 

“I felt very connected to my body which increased throughout the entire time... I loved the celebration dance at the end everyone was so much in their own power and joy and that was really incredible... it was a really powerful experience.” -Katie 

“I felt the motivation and will to go for more... the ambiance was perfect the girls were so much in their power very feminine, very authentic, very natural... I love that Reese joined us in many dances, she was communicating in community with us and really living what she was teaching.” -Jeinar

“I think you are Amazing” -Nia

“I was connected to my divine sovereignty and to the women in the circle it was very intimate and felt a sense of freedom.” -Mei